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Grant helped me to realize and explore the process of how both physical and emotional pain are connected. I'm a better, healthier and happier person after working with Grant. I now have the tools to help me deal with whatever life has to throw at me. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Grant and I really appreciated that he was able to provide a trusting environment. Thanks Grant 🙂

Barbara Dow-Tilleyemotions and pain

Our staff team had an amazing experience when Grant came to run one of our Lunch and Learns. His session, Practical Mindfulness, was exactly that, an accessible and useful lesson on bringing mindfulness into your everyday life. Staff left that session feeling calmer and more resilient but also with some simple exercises to use going forward.

Alison Cogdon (Director of Programs at Ronald McDonald House)

Working with Grant has helped me A lot! The guided hypnosis was pleasant, comfortable, and most of all extremely effective! I now am more in touch with my inner self, and able to deal with a lot of supressed emotions and past tragedies in my life. I highly recommend his services to anyone that wants to get to know themselves on a much more intimate level, getting in touch with my most vulnerable innocent internal self is huge and extremely important for my lifestyle. Thank you Grant, we ARE exactly where we should be, and there is no right or wrong way. I haven’t been happier with myself and my always evolving state of mind as I am today.

Dylan RogersSimply Amazing

I went to see Grant at a time when my anxiety was the worst it's ever been. I went into the sessions nervous not knowing what to expect. Grant made me feel very comfortable and safe within the first couple minutes. He was able to explain things in a way that I understood easily. His meditations are very healing and I noticed a difference in my anxiety and my reactions to things that would normally be a trigger to me. I definitely recommend his services! I left my sessions with Grant with the most valuable tools that continue to help me. With these tools I was able to take control back of my life.

Cathy MitchellAnxiety

I was absolutely delighted by the session I had with Grant. I had been interested in hypnotherapy for a long time, but never had an opportunity for a session, and when that opportunity came around with Grant I was more than ready for it! Grant not only delivered my expectations (I love to build up expectations) but exceeded them even, he worked with me as I explored around and figured my way through my subconscious, and guided me to resolve issues and provided very valuable insights as he did so. I felt a lot lighter and relieved after as I made my way back home!

Brian GalatianExploring the Subconscious

Grant is both a caring intuitive and a skilled hypnotherapy practitioner who cultivated several personalized healing sessions that helped me tune in and connect to a very deep place within myself. His unique ability to listen and tune in to my challenges at the time was exceptional and he found just the right meditation for my needs. I highly recommend Grant to anyone seeking to cultivate a deep, healing connection through his skilled hypnotherapy sessions. It is truly a life changing experience. Thank you Grant!
Sincerely, Kristina Tost

Kristina TostCaring and Compassion
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